Spice up your weekends with TAZA Halwa Puri!


    Can you recall the nostalgic atmosphere of Saturday mornings from your youth? The house echoes with lively chatter and the melodic clinking of dishes. The family comes together at the table, sharing stories, laughter, passing around crisp puris & spicy channa with pure excitement and happiness on their faces. 

    It’s a memory that makes us feel all warm inside…a cozy moment of being close and enjoying the simple things. It’s like a time machine to the good ol’ days when things were a LOT simpler. But hold on! Now, you can bring back those weekend rituals and enjoy the ultimate Saturday morning chills with some heavenly Halwa Puri Nashta! 

    Your lazy weekends are about to get tastier and a lot more nostalgic with TAZA!

    Where tradition meets taste

    A classic Lahori breakfast with TAZA Halwa Puri! It includes crispy, puffy puris that are pan-fried until they’re lean and mean. And next to them is a sweet, soft, and buttery suji halwa, a special treat made from semolina, ghee, and sugar, decorated with white flecks of almond and dotted with black cardamom seeds and nuts for that extra crunch. But there’s more! A super fiery chickpea and potato curry that brings some heat to your breakfast. Imagine having all of that flavorful goodness in one meal! 

    Yet TAZA Halwa Puri is much more than just a feast or a helpful alternative to breakfast. It brings back memories of valued time spent with loved ones. The convenience that TAZA brings to the table is truly magical. With our frozen halwa puri, you can recreate those nostalgic mornings without the hassle. And the best part? You know it’ll always be the same delightful combo that you know and love.

    No more spending hours in the kitchen… Simply warm the puris, halwa, and chole before serving, and you are done! Tear into bite size pieces and make a small pocket with golden puffed puri. Scoop it up with luscious halwa, thick chole gravy, or both, and voila! It’s a modern twist on a timeless tradition, offering you the taste of home without compromising your cravings.

    So, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion or your next family visit. Get ready to dig into the universally approved “Desi Nashta”

    Make your weekends special again with TAZA’s Halwa Puri…where nostalgia meets modern convenience in the most delicious way possible!


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