Skip the Naan-sense with tezmart’s frozen flatbread selection!


    In today’s fast-paced world, convenience in the kitchen is bliss. So transform your everyday meals into something special yet convenient with tezmart’s frozen flatbreads! 

    Whether you’re pairing them with a hearty curry or just enjoying them as a quick, tasty snack, these naan breads add that extra something to your meals. Just heat them on a girdle, and voila…. Your naan is all ready!  Let’s check them out, then!

    Classic tandoori naan

    Tandoori Naan is a beloved bread in South Asian cuisine, and Taza tandoori naan brings this classic right into your home. Perfectly fluffy and with a slight char, it mirrors the traditional tandoori cooking style. It is versatile enough to pair with everything from rich curries to grilled meats or even to be enjoyed on its own.

    Chilli coriander naan

    Next in tezmart’s lineup is the Taza Chilli Coriander Naan. It is flavored with a spicy kick from chili and a refreshing twist from coriander. It’s a twist on the traditional naan with the addition of chili and coriander, making it a vibrant choice for those who like their food with a bit of heat. Just pair it with your favorite curry or grill, and you’ve got an exciting and comforting meal.

    Traditional sheermal

    For those who prefer a gentler, sweeter palate, Taza Sheermal is a must! Infused with the subtle flavor of saffron, this bread brings a unique sweetness that’s not overpowering but just right. It is a great complement to spicier dishes or as a special treat with tea.

    Deep paneer kulcha

    And then there’s the deep paneer kulcha, stuffed with soft, rich paneer cheese. It’s cheesy, it’s comforting, and it’s perfect for those days when you crave something hearty yet easy. Deep paneer kulcha is a great option for cheese lovers and works wonderfully as both a side and a filling snack on its own.

    So, with tezmart’s frozen flatbreads, you get the best of both- traditional flavors of naan bread and modern convenience. tezmart makes it easy to add some South Asian flair to your meals, saving time without compromising on taste, right from your freezer.


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