Sizzling summer BBQ delights with tezmart!

    Sizzling summer BBQ delights with tezmart

    The sun is shining brightly, and the faint sizzling sounds of BBQs in backyards can be heard all around. It’s that time of year again – BBQ season! BBQing makes anything taste better and doesn’t really feel like much of a chore to cheer up your family and friends.

    Summertime brings light and balmy evenings, and it’s the ideal time for tossing some fresh fruit salads and grilling meat and veggies. And the best part…it involves less hassle and prep work compared to serving a big roast dinner, which means more fun! It’s much easier and more enjoyable to have people over, gather in the garden, and enjoy nature together. In fact, you can even plan a “baby-q” to celebrate your little one or host a barbecue-themed birthday party during the summer months.

    When it comes to a big, fat summer BBQ party, the biggest question is what will be on the menu.

    The menu

    There are plenty of options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless! You can opt for lean chicken steak, tender lamb tikka, juicy beef kebab, and grilled vegetables to add more color to your meal. You can even create a burger station, where everyone can customize their own burgers. Let’s not forget about our tender malai boti tikka:  buttery, creamy, and oh-so-good when grilled to perfection. BBQ has everything for everyone! 

    We all know that the secret to any great BBQ lies in the perfect blend of spices and marinades. So make sure to choose a delicious blend of spices to rub on your meat to enhance its flavors and tenderness. Give your food an extra zing by offering a fiery hot sauce or a sweet & tangy BBQ sauce. Pro tip:  soak your wooden skewers in water before grilling them to prevent them from burning or catching fire. 

    Let’s move on to the sides now! Salads are a big hit at BBQs. You can throw together pretty much anything. A tomato & onion only salad, a french bean salad, a rice salad, a potato salad, a pasta salad, grilled halloumi and peach salad… literally anything! Any of these food items can be mixed into a fruit salad or veggie platter for the perfect side. 

    The perfect complement to BBQ delights

    Try authentic, oven-baked frozen naan and flatbreads, which will take you right back to the streets of Asia with a desi flair to your feast. Warm them up on the grill, brush on some butter or ghee, and watch as they turn into fluffy, golden pillows perfect for mopping up your curries. Not only that, but you can pair them with your favorite kebabs and tikkas, or use them to create unique BBQ sandwiches!

    The final sizzle

    A fun and memorable backyard BBQ is about more than just the food; it’s about creating a fun, safe, entertaining, and inviting atmosphere everyone can enjoy. From laughter and conversation to games and just relaxing, these tips will help you create the most epic backyard BBQ. 

    Grab your apron, order barbecue essentials from tezmart (with the convenience of online grocery delivery), fire up the grill, and invite your family and friends for a party they won’t forget.



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