Don’t miss out on summer! Order your groceries online!

    Grocery Delivery

    We’re one month away from the start of the new academic year and don’t want to waste any time searching for grocery items at stores. With zero hassle, you can now order your groceries online and get free time for yourself while we handle the crucial deliveries for you. Whether you need fruits or vegetables, quick meals, or bakery items, we’ve got you covered. 

    tezmart takes pride in delivering fresh, wholesome ingredients straight to your doorstep. We make sure we provide the best possible service with on-time delivery and highest possible quality. Other than having a user-friendly and intuitive surfing experience, we offer the fastest and most convenient way to order Indian and Pakistani groceries online in the Greater Toronto area. 

    We are changing the way you manage your food, order from authentic Indian grocery stores, and plan your meals. You can shop within a specific category or just type the required item’s name in the search bar. 


    Grocery Delivery

    Online Orders and Delivery Policy 

    We deliver everywhere in the GTA, and you can check here to see if we deliver to your address. Our standard delivery time is 1-3 working days from the placement of a confirmed order, but we also offer same-day delivery based on your location. 

    Our estimated delivery charges are CAD 9.99 (+ HST) between 0 – 55 km and CAD 14.99 (+ HST) between 55.1 – 70 km. If your address is more than 60 km away, you can contact us for a custom delivery quote. In case you decide to cancel your online order within 2 hours of initial order placement, we will provide you with a 100% refund. For cancellations past this 2 hour mark, a service charge may be applicable. 

    About Us | tezmart 

    We have over 25 years of experience in the food distribution sector, and our online-only store facilitates speed, safety, and accessibility. Our food products are 100% halal, pre-cooked, and carefully packaged to avoid spoilage. To deliver optimal freshness, we follow quality control procedures in accordance with industry regulations to ensure we provide safe food to our customers in the comfort of their homes. 

    We have an efficient supply chain in place to ensure a quick flow of products from the manufacturing stage to the end consumer, while complying with stringent SOPs to ensure safety and quality. To protect consumers against unsafe, impure, or spoiled food products, we meticulously manage cooling temperatures, transportation logistics, and proper labeling procedures.  

    Hurry up and order your groceries online by downloading our app from the Google or Apple play store! 



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