New year, new habits with online grocery shopping!


    As the last echoes of New Year’s celebrations fade into memory, we’re left with a clean slate – a chance to redefine our habits and carve out a healthier, more economical path for the year ahead. If you’re like most of us, your resolutions might include tightening the belt, not just around the waist after those holiday feasts, but on your budget too. 

    And what better way to kickstart this new chapter than by shaking up how we shop for groceries? Let’s look into some habits we should opt for this year!

    1. No more unnecessary full carts

    It’s easy to fall into old habits, wandering the aisles and ending up with a cart half full of things we didn’t plan to buy. This year, why not trade the cart for a cursor? Online grocery shopping with platforms like Taza is like having a farmers’ market at your fingertips. You can get all the fresh veggies and ingredients you need without stepping foot outside your home.

    2. Make a list of items you need

    When you’re planning meals for the week, jot down what you need and stick to it. By shopping online, you’re less likely to be sidetracked by those oh-so-tempting snack aisles. And if you do spot something that’s calling your name for next time, just bookmark it for later.

    3. Shop when the price is right

    We all love a good bargain. By timing your online shop to hit those sweet sale spots and discount coupons, you get to save many bucks. You’re also making a conscious choice to be more mindful about how and when you spend your money. Just like any savvy shopper would!

    And look at what tezmart does with their loyalty program: You buy what you need, and then bam, you’re earning points that you can swap for free stuff later. It’s a win-win.

    4. Tazarama’s got your back!

    Now, let’s chat about Tazarama! You can get incredible monthly savings & delicious food products with our monthly savings flyer: TAZARAMA! With this, you can now experience unmatched discounts on your favorite items every month. 

    Imagine your favorite bread, warm, fluffy, and just waiting to be slathered in butter or jam. Well, get them this month at a much more economical price range. Our current deal from January 19th to February 1st is a shout-out to all the flatbread lovers with deals that are hard to pass up. And that’s what Tazarama’s about! 

    5. Flexible payments, more discounts

    With online grocery stores, you’ve got options. Pay the way you want and keep your eyes peeled for those extra discounts that often tag along with different payment methods.

    To wrap this up, the New Year resolutions are all about finding smarter, simpler ways to live our lives. And with online grocery shopping at Taza, you’re choosing a smarter route to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

    So, here’s to a new year, new habits, and the joy of fresh groceries at your doorstep. Happy shopping, folks!




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