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New Ready-Made Veggie Meals at tezmart

Great news! We’ve added some delicious new canned additions to our vegetarian range including Shahi Rajma, Veg Soya Keema, Veg Soya Kashmiri, and of course, a true family favorite: Mutter Paneer. Rich cubes of cottage cheese and peas cooked in a creamy, luscious onion-tomato gravy, mutter paneer is a hearty vegetarian dinner packed with North Indian flavors. 

We’ve also added the much sought after Punjabi Channa to our range. Made with white chickpeas, fragrant spices, and onions and tomatoes, this is another authentic North Indian dish that can be enjoyed with toasted naan or pathoray, a fluffy deep-fried bread. 

Our vegetarian products are pre-cooked and easy to prepare. With just a few minutes of work, you can now enjoy a delicious restaurant-style meal in the comfort of your own home. It’s also a much more economical option than eating out, which is often costly and time consuming. 

Weekly Special | Discounts and Offers

We’re now offering 50% off on our pack of 10 vegetarian canned meals. These consist of a range of ready-to-eat meals that are 100% vegetarian. Whether you choose to avoid meat due to health, cultural, or environmental reasons, tezmart has a variety of economical and reasonably-priced options that you can choose from. 

Indian Grocery

A limited-time offer that our vegetarian friends can’t resist! Hurry up and place your order now. 

About Us | tezmart

tezmart is committed to catering to the grocery needs of our growing Indian and Pakistani communities in Toronto. We have an extensive range of quick South Asian recipes that are pre-cleaned, pre-cooked, and ready for consumption. Customers can choose from thousands of options, from pantry and grocery items to ready-to-eat, frozen products, all under one roof. 

Our tez bundles offer discounted prices for a collection of different snacks and food products when purchased together. We’re currently offering generous discounts on vegetarian meals to make life easier for busy individuals and working students. We aim to provide affordable grocery staples, fresh produce, and healthy ready-made vegetarian meals.

Our products are available in the Greater Toronto Area through our online-only store that is built to facilitate quick and easy delivery. Our standard delivery time is 1-3 working days from the placement of a confirmed order, but we also offer same-day delivery based on your location. Contact us if you have any questions regarding your online order or delivery status.



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