Must-have tips for online grocery shopping!

    tips for online grocery shopping

    Ever had that moment? You know the one…you’re cozied up on the sofa on a Friday evening, winter’s chill making you grateful for your warm blanket, and then it hits you — your pantry is as empty as the deserted snowy streets outside. Ahh! A grocery store trip? No, thank you! Luckily, you recall tezmart, your gateway to effortless at-home shopping. Your smartphone becomes your shopper, helping you pick fresh veggies, essential grocery items, and even those chocolate chip cookies you’ve been daydreaming about without braving the icy outdoors.

    But what if this is your first time shopping online? Fear not! We’re here with all the tips to turn you into a pro online shopper, ensuring every click counts and adds value to your cart. Want to know where shopping is smart, easy, and oh-so-convenient? Let’s go!

    Make a list

    Have a clear grocery list. If it’s your first time, it might take a while. But once you get the hang of it and with services like tezmart, you can save your order for future convenience.

    Order at your earliest

    The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the groceries. Placing your order early ensures timely delivery and better availability of products.

    Know how the app works

    Familiarize yourself with the app’s features of the store even if you are a tech savvy person. This will speed up your shopping process and help you utilize all its special functionalities.

    Explore multiple online stores

    There are several online grocery delivery options available. Always do some window shopping to find the best deals and quality. You will get to know about different product brands and the quality they are offering.

    Price comparison is key

    Like in-store shopping, comparing prices for the best deals is essential. By comparing, you ensure value for money and purchase your desirables in a reasonable price range.

    Go through delivery options

    Different delivery services have varying charges and delivery times. Understand what works best for your schedule and budget. We always want to be light on our pockets, right?

    Keep your mobile phone active

    Keep your mobile phone within reach to track your delivery status, get updates, and interact with the delivery service. In some cases, the delivery person may find it difficult to find your mentioned location.

    Hunt for discounts

    There are often discounts, cashback, and special offers on grocery items on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure you take advantage of these and save some bucks!

    tezmart Loyalty Program

    As we’ve gone through the tips for effortless online grocery shopping, don’t forget the extra cherry on top — Tezmart’s Loyalty Program! While you’re filling your virtual cart, you are saving a trip to the store and racking up points to save on future purchases. So, every cookie, every apple, and every cup of yogurt is not just a quality purchase but also a step towards even more savings and amazing rewards in the future.

    With these tips and tricks to guide you, steering through your online grocery shopping journey will be as relaxing as a hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Now you can easily get your groceries delivered right to your door with tezmart. Happy shopping!


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