Kid-friendly lunch & snack ideas!

    Kid-friendly lunch & snack ideas

    Tired of the same old lunch and snack options for your kids? In search of creative and delicious ideas that will not only satisfy their empty little bellies but also provide them with the nutrition they need? 

    tezmart has got you! With our wide range of spreads, jams, and condiments, mealtime has never been this exciting for children and parents alike. The gooey swirl of Nutella on warm pancakes, the sweet drizzle of honey on crunchy toast, the playful mix of cream cheese and jam…totally irresistible!

    Here are some super quick and creative recipes to add a spark of excitement to snack time!

    Nutella & banana pinwheels

    When you need a super quick treat that’s both yummy and fun, try making Nutella & banana pinwheels! Grab a soft tortilla and spread some Nutella all over it. Now, put thin banana slices on top, spreading them out. Roll up the tortilla tightly and then slice it into small, round pinwheels. 

    It’s like a sweet sushi roll, and you get creamy Nutella with the fruity kick of bananas in every bite. Who knew snack time could be this fun?

    Stuffed bagels

    Bagels are a fan favorite, but have you ever tried making stuffed ones? Get your bagel and cut it in half. Toast it a little to make it warm and crispy. Now, spread some creamy cream cheese on one side of each half. On one of the halves, spread Apple jam; it’s like a fruitilicious explosion! 

    Put the two halves together to make a seriously delicious bagel sandwich. Creamy, jammy, and oh-so-tasty!

    Toastie roll-ups 

    Simply changing the design of an average PB&J makes all the difference for kiddos. This twist is so much fun and will be gobbled up!

    Let’s roll into snack time with something extra cool…toastie roll-ups! Take a slice of bread and use a rolling pin to flatten it out. Spread peanut butter on the flattened bread, covering it all up. 

    If you’re feeling fancy, add sliced strawberries to one edge of the bread before you roll it up. Crunchy, sweet, and totally roll-worthy!

    Jamming waffles 

    Waffles are awesome, and you can make them even awesomer with the sweetness of jam. Pop your waffles in the toaster until they’re nice and crispy. Spread yummy strawberry jam on one waffle generously! 

    Now, put another waffle on top, like a delicious waffle sandwich. You can also consider topping it off with a dollop of whipped cream. 

    It’s all about mixing and matching flavors to make your naughty li’l devils actually eat their lunch. So, gather your ingredients with the convenience of tezmart’s online ordering and home delivery, and get ready to be a snack-time superstar!


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