Hurry up! 2 days to go!

    Tezmart Groceries Deal Aug 2023

    Time is running out! With only 2 days left, make the most of tezmart’s monthly flyer and get your hands on a range of spices and flatbreads – all at unbeatable discounted prices! 

    To give your homemade dishes that authentic taste of desi cuisine, make sure you browse through our selection of premium spices. Give your food that vibrant oomph with the fiery flavors of red chili powder & the rich warmth of turmeric. 

    But that’s not it… this month’s flyer goes beyond just spices. We’ve also got crispy parathas and fluffy kulcha naans to enhance your meals. The options are as diverse as they are delicious, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on these incredible offers. 

    Tezmart Deal Aug 2023

    And for all the working moms and college students, we’ve got quick & easy on-the-go paneer veg rolls to save the day! The paneer is marinated in a mixture of spices and fried until crispy & golden brown. It’s then wrapped in pita bread with a medley of colorful veggies and sauces for a harmonious contrast between the creaminess of the cheese and the crispness of the vegetables. 

    And of course, let’s not forget about quenching your thirst on scorching summer days with classic Rooh Afza. 

    The clock is ticking… so seize the opportunity to stock up on these culinary essentials while they’re available at remarkable prices this month. Make sure you explore our flyer for a full list of all the items on offer. 

    Don’t wait any longer – place your order now at tezmart and make every meal extraordinary!


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