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    With summer vacations right around the corner, some of you might be preparing for freshman year at college in the next few months. For those students that are headed for college, it can be an intimidating time of change. New accommodation, new friends, new faculty members to impress – essentially a new beginning. While we may not be able to help you with which clubs or societies to join, or give you dating advice, we can definitely help you maintain a healthy diet. 

    Healthy eating is essential for everyone, but for busy college students juggling between work, school, friends, and family, it’s especially important. Balancing work and social life is exhausting  which is why eating healthy should be high on your priority list. tezmart can help you prioritize your mental and physical well-being so you can thrive in college in the coming semester. 

    tezmart grocery delivery

    Halal Ready Meals for Students 

    tezmart brings to you your favorite ready-made frozen meals so you can enjoy a delicious, yet healthy home-cooked meal without having to spend hours in the kitchen. For those Indian and Pakistani students missing the taste of home, our ready-to-eat food products include chicken meatballs, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and shami kebabs. Tender, juicy, and flavorful, our meat dishes are a quick fix for your hunger pangs. 

    If you prefer to cook yourself, we have halal, unprocessed meat and other grocery items available in our online-only store. You can order meat, grocery, and staples on our website and it will be delivered fresh to your doorstep. 

    Grocery Delivery

    Our food products are 100% halal, pre-cooked, and carefully packaged to avoid spoilage. To deliver optimal freshness, we follow SOPs in accordance with industry regulations to ensure we provide safe food to our customers. 

    Vegetarian Options and Snacks

    tezmart also has a range of vegetarian-friendly options such as methi malai mutter, mutter paneer, and our family favorite, paneer makhani. It’s a delicious meat alternative to butter chicken; rich cubes of cottage cheese (or paneer) slow-cooked in a creamy tomato gravy and infused with traditional Indian spices to give you that authentic taste. 

    Besides ready-to-eat meals, we also have vegetarian snacks to manage hunger cravings during study breaks. These include veggie burgers, potato pops, and of course, what all college students swear by: Maggi masala noodles!

    Online Ordering at tezmart 

    As a college student, you’ll often find it hard to take time out for grocery shopping. It’s especially taxing having to go to multiple grocery stores to find the right ingredients. With tezmart, you don’t have to worry anymore! We deliver everywhere in the GTA – you can check here to see if we deliver to your area.

    Your favorite South Asian dishes are just one click away! Download our app on the Google or Apple store and start ordering online.


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