Don’t want to head out for grocery shopping this winter? We’ve got you covered!

    grocery shopping

    If Canada is well-known for anything, it’s the cold and unforgiving winter season. No one can deny it – Canadian winter is brutal! With temperatures well below the freezing point, it’s no surprise that all anyone wants to do is snuggle up in their blankets at home. 

    Most Canadians, not unlike beavers or bears, spend their entire summer packing away high-energy snacks and then hibernating till mid-April when the sun comes out again (All right, fine, we’re exaggerating!) However, just because the seasons change, doesn’t mean your grocery staples have to. Those of you who despise winter grocery shopping might let your guard down and settle for meals you don’t really want. Worry not! For we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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    tezmart provides a huge variety of ready-to-cook meals for busy individuals who don’t have the time or energy to prepare a meal at home. We take pride in delivering fresh, wholesome ingredients straight to your doorstep, while making sure we provide the best possible service with on-time delivery and highest possible quality. 

    We deliver everywhere in the GTA, and you can check here to see if we deliver to your address. Our standard delivery time is 1-3 working days from the placement of a confirmed order, but we also offer same-day delivery based on your location. 

    Why choose us 

    tezmart is committed to catering to the grocery needs of our growing South Asian communities in the GTA. Besides grocery items, we offer ready-to-cook meals for working individuals and college students who do not have the time to cook something that is healthy and wholesome. Our ready-to-eat daal makhani and mutter paneer give you a taste of home without having to spend hours slaving in the kitchen. 

    We also provide fully cooked, frozen meat-based products that are completely halal. These include seekh kebabs, chappal kebabs, and beef and turkey burgers. For those of you who prefer to cook themselves, we have a range of halal, fresh meat from boneless chicken breasts and thighs to wings and frozen drumsticks. 

    So, what’re you waiting for? Download our app now for the ultimate shopping experience! 


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