Celebrate Diwali With Tezmart!

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    ‘Tis the festival of lights and shining bright! Diwali is around the corner which means lots of diye, methai, deep fried savory snacks, and so much more to enjoy with your loved ones. 

    From fireworks to feasting, you get to see your favorite mausi and bua visiting you with so many sweet n’ savory treats. On Diwali everything screams joy, from family, friends and food to dresses, flowers, fireworks and sangeet. 

    Another reason why people eagerly wait for this festival are the gifts. We’ve all been there when we wanted something from our parents, but if it ain’t your birthday, there’s no chance of getting your favorites. Right?! Well, this is where diwali comes to the rescue, and just like your birthday, it happens every year. 

    And feasting on this festival consists of every kind of traditional sweets and savory snacks. So, basically there’s a lot to eat! 

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    Gear up your Diwali Preps With Tezmart

    From indulgent recipes passed down through generations, or exotic, traditional Mithai you can’t imagine celebrating without; Diwali is all about the food.

    With a huge to-do list before Diwali, you definitely don’t have time to run around buying groceries all over the city!  Tezmart is here to help with a wide variety of Diwali favourites delivered right to your doorstep. 

    Tezmart has got all the essentials for this festival like Fancy Premium Methai, Nanak Kaju Katli, Brars Gulab Jamun, the must-have Shana Khoya, and so much more – all from one place. 

    With desi groceries just one click away, Tezmart’s convenient and fast delivery is just what you need to wrap up your Diwali preparations. Tezmart Diwali offers include a special flyer with huge savings, FREE delivery in GTA on orders worth $100 and above and last but not the least, a free TAZA Vegup Aloo Tikki pack with every order!

    So what are you waiting for?!  Visit Tezmart for deliciously sweet and savory essentials just in time for diwali!


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