Bringing the spirit of Eid to your kitchen with tezmart’s spices and seasoning!

    Eid to your kitchen with tezmart

    The long awaited celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr are nearly here! For Muslims worldwide, this is a time of deep spiritual significance, steeped in tradition, culture, and joyous celebrations. The never-ending preps, the excitement of new clothes, family reunions… But nothing quite compares to the scrumptious Eid feast! The three-day festival is incomplete without food and the tasty sweet & savory delicacies are something we all look forward to. 

    So how can you make your Eid feast even more delicious? Check out these spices and seasonings to elevate your dishes and take them to the next level! 

    1. Red chili powder

    Red chili powder, a grocery staple for South Asian homes, features the perfect balance of heat and flavor. With a rich and vibrant color that adds depth to any meal, it can transform even the simplest of recipes to masterchef level. Whether you’re making a spicy curry or tangy salsa, this simple spice is all it takes to elevate all your Eid curries and snacks.  

    2. Black & green cardamom

    Cardamom can be stored for up to 6 months if kept away from sunlight and in an airtight container. It’s used all over the subcontinent, in masala chai, garam masala, and most South Asian desserts. Black cardamom has a smoky, earthy flavor that pairs well with meat dishes, while green cardamom has a sweet and floral taste that’s perfect for desserts and tea. Order now and take your kheer game to the next level this Eid!

    3. Pulao biryani masala 

    What’s Eid without some spicy biryani? Tender chicken cooked to perfection in a signature blend of spices over a bed of fragrant rice… Feature pulao biryani masala in your Eid recipe to skip all the boring, time-consuming steps, and focus on the fun parts of cooking like marinating your chicken, chopping your veggies, and layering your biryani. Whether you’re a pro or novice chef, pulao biryani masala mix can definitely come in handy for those last-minute Eid guests! 

    4. Green chili pickle

    No Eid feast is complete without some achaar & chutneys! Mother’s Recipe Green Chili Pickle is a tangy and spicy condiment that pairs well with just about any meal. Made with fresh green chilies and a secret blend of spices, it packs a punch that can transform even the most lackluster meal into a flavor explosion! The ultimate flavor enhancer to take your meals from ordinary to extraordinary with just a spoonful! 

    5. Green chutney 

    Packed with fresh herbs, spices, and a whole lot of flavor, green chutney gives you a refreshing blast of coolness from the mint offset by the dash of heat from the green chilies. Perfect for adding that extra zing to your sandwiches, burgers, wraps, or even some delicious biryani! 

    So why wait? Visit tezmart today and start cooking up a storm! 


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